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Everyday, Forex-Tribe is offering a lot of Technical analysis on different Currency Pairs of the FOReign EXchange Market (Forex).

A Technical Analysis is a Chart study made by using different indicators and Chart Patterns.

A lot of members are sharing their Analysis on our Forum.
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Forex means Foreign Exchange. Nowadays, this is the second largest market in the world behind the interest rate one with a total of 4 trillion dollars in daily trading volume in 2010.

Forex attracts more and more investors due to its many advantages such as the use of an adjustable lever on each trade, its ability to trade both the upside and downside, no transactions costs ...

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Forex Technical Analysis Requests
Tribe offers a sub-forum dedicated to demands of technical analysis

This FREE service, run by the ForexTribe team and members gives you the technical analysis of your choice.

To do this, simply create a new thread on the forum and do not forget to indicate the currency pair and timeframe required for your analysis.

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